are you really too slow?


Are you really too slow? 

Have you ever had that feeling, when working on a client – like you were never going to finish that set of nails?

That you felt like it was taking forever and you were too slow with the service? Plus client’s face impressions only confirmed that..

Situations like that make you question yourself and your timing.

Then one thing comes to your head – am I really too slow? And you start comparing yourself to others. Especially to your competition next door.


So what is the right time you should be spending on each client?

How long should a particular service take?


Now listen carefully – 

there are no rules, which say how much time this or that treatment should take.


Having said that, I can only share my own opinion here based on facts.

I believe that too fast service is not good for your business. I’ve already posted a blog regarding this subject, so feel free to go and check.

However, working too slowly may not be good neither..

If that’s you – taking too much time every time, I’ve got a perfect solution for you, so bare with me 😉


I personally believe, that a good quality UV gel manicure service can be provided between 30 mins up to an hour.

It all depends of course. If you’re soaking/filing off the previous colour, or not; plus any other extras added to the service, such a hand massage, design, etc.

Nail extension services may take between as little as an hour, to up to 2, 3+ hours. The more intrigued enhancement, the longer the service. Every single aspect needs to be consider here.

You cannot say (unless you’re an employee given 1, or 1,5 hour per client), how much time the service will take exactly. It’s always a rough idea. 

Of course, to make sure you can actually book in more than one client a day, you need to know, more or less, how long it’s going to take. Simply to make sure the next person can be fit in too the same day 😉

That knowledge, skill, comes with experience.

I always give myself a bit more time between clients, just in case. Plus, of course, always ask clients what they want to have done, and how many nails stayed on from the last visit..

If you’re taking more than 1 – 1,5 hour to complete a salon standard set, then you should look for areas which slow you down. Then look for solutions how to speed it up. 

So if you’re still not quite there yet – time wise, but the quality of work is really good, here’s a solution to look professional in front of the customer. 

Instead of telling her:

"You'll need to reserve at least 2 hours, as I'm really slow.. I need more time to complete the set..."

Tell that:

"You'll need to reserve at least two hours, as I'm treating my customers very individually, and pay a lot of attention to details. I want to give you best experience you've ever had, and superb quality of my work".

Do you see the difference?

Are you lying to her? Absolutely not! You want to give her the best service, right?

The only difference between these two scenarios – is a changed perspective.

Instead of focusing on working too slow, you’re putting the stress on the quality of your work.

That makes customers feel like a VIP and pretty unique.

Do you think she’ll be complaining abut that..? 

Thought so 😉


Use that technique, and in a mean time really work on your timing. 

Practice whenever you can and look for solutions to speed up. There are plenty of those.


Hope it’s been helpful and given you a fresh perspective.

What do think is too slow for a set of nails?

Leave a comment below.

Look forward hearing from you.