how to attend any course you like?

attend any course

How to attend any course you like?

Wouldn’t it be nice to attend any course you want..?

How many times there was a course you really wanted to attend, but money was tight..?


Like they say: “if there’s a will there’s a way”. And the truth is..

You can attend ANY course you like - you just need to plan it and save for it in advance. It simpler than you think!

Here’s your way: 

A jar system..

Start with an empty jar in your salon. Fill in it with all your tips and a percentage from a salary (depending on your own preferences).

Do you want to take it even further to speed up the process?

Why not to give up a coffee here and there, or a night out? It’s that simple!

The amount can vary every month but I’m sure you could easily save at least £100+, £200+ a month. 

Make them a bit more generous..

Wouldn’t your clients like to receive even better/more comprehensive service?

Of course they would!

Why not to put your jar on your nail desk?

And write a note on it – “Tips for my advanced training course, so I can provide even better service for you”.

It works, believe me 😉

They’re more generous than you think, especially when they can see a benefit for themselves. 

An installment option

If you cannot pay in full – ask for an installment plan.

The majority of training providers offer such option.

Pay your deposit, then go back to the jar system and sooner than you know – the course will be paid in full!

Are you based in Scotland?

Check with your local business advice bureau/ business gateway if you can get any money for your training courses.

For instance you can get up to 50% back from the Skills Development Scotland (applies to nail technicians based in Scotland only).

You pay in advance and then claim your money back by filling special forms from their website.

… AND you can attend any course you want, not only nails related, but also business related courses.

You can also check ILA, which can help and pay up to £200, however not every training provider accepts it. 


OK, so you know how to finance your training courses, now find the ones you want to attend and get the things going.


A better (and much cheaper) way..

How about not spending a single penny on travel, accommodation yet still attending the courses you want? TNSS Masterclass

In the comfort of your own home and at your own pace?

This comfort and savings give you an online, or DVD training course (here’s a little sample for you to watch – CLICK 🙂 ).

That also means you only need to save for the training and NOT for the rest of the expenses incorporated with the live classes.

It’s a great option, BUT.. always remember to do a proper research about the course and the educator (check feedback) before signing up.



To summarise your action plan:

1. Save your money – the jar system is dead simple, but works magic!

2. Get founds, if you can.

3. Find an educator you want to be trained by.

4. Find a course you want to attend.

5. Enjoy and learn a lot 🙂


It’s really that simple! 


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