Scholarship – The Nail Shapes & Structure Masterclass 2017

SCHOLARSHIP: Get a VIP spot in the Nail Shapes & Structure Masterclass Last year, for the first time in January and then in September, I opened enrollment to The Nail Shapes & Structure Masterclass – TNSSM, an 8-week online program for ambitious nail techs dreaming about improving their skills without all the traveling hassle. I noticed people commenting on my 4-part…

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charge what you want – facts vs. beliefs

Charge what you want – how many times have you heard it, or even told that to yourself? Perhaps you’re even fully aware you should be charging more. Yet still, you’re not doing this. Be honest – are your prices based on facts, or something else? The truth is, that for many people the reason we’re…

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a testimonial – how and when to ask for it?

A great testimonial is a very, very compelling and powerful tool. I’m sure we all know that. But… Do you actually ask your customers for a testimonial? Every single time? If you answered yes – then amazing! Well done you! If your answers is no – then, why not? Many times a good testimonial is…

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nail terminology – helpful tips and tricks

nail terminology

Nail terminology and helpful tips and tricks There’s quite a lot of confusion, when it comes to the nail terminology and product placement. So, today’s subject is exactly that – the nail terminology, and (I wouldn’t be myself, if I didn’t add something extra 😉 ) some helpful and practical tips you can use right away.…

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the ugly truth about being your own boss

own boss

The ugly truth about being your own boss… Let me tell you a story… Once upon a time there was a girl, who had her own nails done and loved them so much, she decided to become a nail tech herself. She saved money for her first training, which apparently turned out to be a disaster, so…

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what’s killing the nail industry

nail industry

What’s killing the nail industry.. The nail industry is the one, I’ve been involved in for the past 12 years and which I care about. During that time, I’ve seen and experienced many things, those amazing and those not so great.  I’ve seen many people doing something great, striving to achieve more by working their butts off. People, who are…

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