my personal planner 2017

personal planner

My personal planner 2017 It’s a New Year, new beginning, new opportunities and a chance to set yourself new goals. For that occasion I’ve prepared for myself “My Personal Planner 2017” and I wanted to share it with you 🙂 I like setting myself realistic goals, (but i dare to dream big too 🙂 )to stay…

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Merry Christmas and a ridiculously amazing 2017


Merry Christmas and a ridiculously amazing 2017!! Hello Gorgeous! This week’s blog is a slightly different one, simply because Christmas and New Year is coming 🙂 Myself and Lukasz wanted to wish YOU and your whole Family a very Merry Christmas and ridiculously amazing 2017!     Some people say: “I wish the next year is better…

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how to attend any course you like?

attend any course

How to attend any course you like? Wouldn’t it be nice to attend any course you want..? How many times there was a course you really wanted to attend, but money was tight..? Well…  Like they say: “if there’s a will there’s a way”. And the truth is.. Here’s your way:  A jar system.. Start with an empty jar…

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are you really too slow?


Are you really too slow?  Have you ever had that feeling, when working on a client – like you were never going to finish that set of nails? That you felt like it was taking forever and you were too slow with the service? Plus client’s face impressions only confirmed that.. Situations like that make you question yourself…

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gel polish – Pink Gellac – product review

gel polish

Gel polish – Pink Gellac – product review A while ago I received a parcel from a brand called Pink Gellac.  As I already had my favorite gel polish products, I was taking my time to try them out, but eventually did.  The company states the gel polish lasts 14 days, is chip proof, high…

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I’m not a nail artist… great, me neither!

nail artist

I’m not a nail artist… me neither! One of the biggest misconceptions nail techs believe is that they need to be artistically talented to be a nail artist… Tell me the truth – are you one of them? Here me now – Yes, of course some nail techs have this creative and artistic nature, which…

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